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Son Of Macenstein

Everything that makes macenstein.com great, except the Mac stuff.

Dramatic Reenactment?

Posted on January 27th by Dr. Macenstein.

How the Chinese reported on the whole Tiger Woods thing

Posted on December 1st by Dr. Macenstein.
When the Chinese eventually invade and conquer America I think getting newscasts of this caliber will make the whole thing easier to take. We are sorely missing 3D bitch-slaps.

Terminator is now suddenly a LOT scarier

Posted on August 25th by Dr. Macenstein.
How the hell are we going to compete with this robot? I mean, it can give us the finger while dribbling a ball at twice the speed of sound! Given how powerful ...

The hottest girl I’ve ever seen at a Hooters

Posted on July 19th by Dr. Macenstein.
Isn't she beautiful?

Pixar apparently branching into computer repairs

Posted on June 25th by Dr. Macenstein.
I noticed that in addition to making such hits as Toy Story, Up!, and Finding Nemo, Pixar is now doing door-to-door computer repairs. How else can you explain Computer Monster's logo? ...

Photographic proof of America’s love affair with Obama

Posted on May 30th by Dr. Macenstein.
I took this picture today at the local Stop and Shop (excuse me, SUPER Stop and Shop).

SNL should be 4 minutes long each week

Posted on May 10th by Dr. Macenstein.
Happy Mother's Day.

So when did political correctness actually start?

Posted on April 7th by Dr. Macenstein.
Apparently sometime around 1980... [via HolyTaco]