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Son Of Macenstein

Everything that makes macenstein.com great, except the Mac stuff.

The Greatest… Fight Scene… Ever

Posted on February 23rd by Dr. Macenstein.
Don't mess with Riki.

Back to the Future Alternate Ending

Posted on February 23rd by Dr. Macenstein.
Thank to faithful SOM reader Charlare for the tip!

Barack and Michelle Obama do WHAT together?

Posted on January 25th by Dr. Macenstein.
Thanks to faithful SOM reader Seth for the tip!

Woah… She could totally play for the Harlem Wizards

Posted on January 20th by Dr. Macenstein.
Hmm... a super flexible girl that really knows how to handle balls... if only there were some sort of joke I could make... hmmm... nope. Nothing comes to mind.

Why does every country have better game shows than the US?

Posted on January 12th by Dr. Macenstein.
In our continuing coverage of countries that have better game shows than us, let us now turn our focus from Japan to France. Yes, France. Check out this French game show, which ...

In this game, even if you lose, you win

Posted on January 6th by Dr. Macenstein.
I have had this dream before... That's right. I have dreamt of naked, well-oiled Japanese men sliding along naked, well-oiled Japanese women for prizes. Only I was one of the women. Whoops. Did ...

Epic Surf Fail

Posted on December 27th by Dr. Macenstein.
This guy is still twice as good as me... Thanks to faithful SOM reader Seth!

“You were MacGyver for 7 years and you can’t figure this out?”

Posted on December 19th by Dr. Macenstein.
I was never a big fan of Stargate the Series, but I think this clip provides a nice glimpse into the near constant ball-busting that Richard Dean Anderson must undergo on a ...

Why is George Costanza robbing foreign women?

Posted on December 18th by Dr. Macenstein.
While this video has some of the best set design and acting I have ever seen, it is still wrong for dozens of reasons. First, as we ALL know, all Asians ...